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The Luminor Due Luna Collection with Alessandro Ficarelli, CMO at Panerai

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We are delighted to be joined by Alessandro Ficarelli, Chief Marketing Officer at Panerai to explore the Luminor Due Luna Collection and to give us an exclusive insight into the model’s first-ever complication.

Could you tell us a bit about the history of the Panerai Luminor Due Luna Collection?

The Luminor Due Luna introduces a moon phase complication to the Luminor Due collection for the first time ever, as the collection was originally a time-only model. These new watches reinterpret the unmistakable shape and features of the iconic Luminor collection, in a refined form that is equally suited to casual wear and elegant environments that call for elevated dressing.

The Luminor Due collection is a reinterpretation of our iconic Luminor, Due meaning two in Italian, makes it the second in the Luminor family, 40% thinner than the Luminor.

What was the inspiration behind the Luminor Due Luna models?

Of course the main inspiration is the moon, but moreover, Panerai has been inspired by Galileo Galilei who was a Tuscan astronomer for many years. This collection has been inspired by his lunar observations.

What is the significance of the moon phase and why have you chosen this as the model’s very first complication?

The moon phase is among the most poetic complications, which is why it is the centerpiece of Luminor Due Luna—the final word in its name being the Italian word for moon, which appears on the dial.

Could you explain what a moon phase is and does, for those who may be unaware of the complication?

The moon phase complication is the display of the current phase of the Moon, in a window on a watch. The complication is situated at 3 o’clock and exhibits a rotating disc with a moon against a starry midnight blue sky.

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What would you consider to be the unique selling point for this collection?

The various references have distinct aesthetic sensibilities that appeal to a broad audience; however, the bestselling point consists of the interchangeable straps, meaning that the owner can switch their strap color at the click of a button. This is incredibly useful for wearers who like to match their watches to their outfits.

What will interest potential buyers in this piece and whom do you envisage wearing this?

For us, the Panerai woman is a woman who is confident in her style and is ultimately a trendsetter. As the Luna watches represent the first complication within the Luminor Due collection, we envisage those who appreciate fashion as our key clients for this collection.

And finally, what is your favorite piece from the collection?

It is difficult to pick a favorite from this collection, as they all have their own characteristics, however, Luminor Due Luna PAM01180 can easily be seen as a staple timepiece due to its versatility. The watch can be carried from the day until the evening, making this piece utterly timeless.

To explore the Luminor Due Luna Collection visit one of our luxury showrooms or visit Mayors.

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