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Roberto Coin

Out Of Office By Mayors

Express signature femininity that transcends boundaries of time, where each piece is a statement of individuality and authority.

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Explore Roberto Coin diverse range of exceptional jewelry, all available to purchase at Mayors.


An exquisite new collection exclusive to the Watches of Switzerland Group, featuring extravagant pieces characterized by unapologetic opulence.

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Venetian Princess Color

The Venetian Princess Color Collection was inspired by the vibrant colors of Venetian palaces. Those that truly stand out are marked with their own unique floral decorations, and in honor of this tradition, Roberto Coin is proud to present this collection exclusively with the Watches of Switzerland Group.

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Tiny Treasures

Tiny Treasures is a collection of whimsical 18K gold and diamond pendants, bracelets and earrings by Roberto Coin. There is a piece for every personality.

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Byzantine Barocco

Byzantine Barocco is a representation of a fusion between two ancient empires, unexpected shapes coupled with the geometric complexity of diamond patterns.

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Designer Gold

Beautifully crafted in 18K gold, these designer gold pieces by Roberto Coin are available in a multitude of styles, links, and hues that are just the right hint of chic.

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Diamonds by the Inch

Diamonds by the Inch by Roberto Coin, with delicate chains and bezel set stones exude femininity— but layered they create a fresh look.

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Layering Chains

A classic piece of jewelry is revisited in contemporary yet delicate shapes and shades –intricately designed, handmade works of art.

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Love in Verona

Roberto Coin combines his technological prowess with time-honored craftsmanship to create the new Verona collection. The four-petaled floral motif repeats in diamonds and in engraving, even reappearing in the gallery of each piece as a reminder of our inner beauty.

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Wear your personality as a pendant. Medallions by Roberto Coin are made brilliant with diamond-accented zodiac signs as well as charms. These gorgeous pieces allow women to wear a part of their identities on their bodies in the most stylish, glamorous ways.

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This new collection takes that cross-cultural influence and interprets it as classic yet modern jewelry, modeled after traditional links but styled for a new millennium. Hints of diamond pave lend sparkle to the high-polish shine with a European twist.

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Echoing the power of the mighty obelisk, precision is the defining characteristic of the Obelisco Collection by Roberto Coin – perfect for a woman of confident elegance.

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Palazzo Ducale

Inspired by the designer’s favorite architectural landmark, the Doge’s Palace, Palazzo Ducale collection by Roberto Coin sets itself apart through its use of geometric shapes.

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A symbol of perfection, the number 3 gives shape to each of the pieces in the Petals Collection by Roberto Coin. Essential and modern, the design is also delicate, just like the nature it represents.

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Pois Mois

Pois Moi family combines contemporary fashion and vintage styling to create jewelry with a divine opulence and charm.

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Pois Mois Luna

Hand etched and carved, the beautifully textured pieces by Roberto Coin are bold yet delicate. The intricate details lend a classic feel to contemporary designs.

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The cutting-edge technology used to create this collection results in incredibly lightweight and flexible jewelry collection.

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Princess Flower

Shaped petals, an infinite variety of hues and varying textures that reflect the majesty and grace of a real flower.

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A classic jewelry shape updated with modern movement; tassels are not just for home decorating—they’re the hottest trend in jewelry today!

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Venetian Princess

The timeless combination of black and white diamonds elevate this collection by Roberto Coin to something irresistibly elegant, with an intriguing edge.

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Roberto Coin - Vision and Mission

Discover the creative world of Roberto Coin.

About Roberto Coin

Founded in 1996, Roberto Coin shares its name with the founder himself, influenced by his love of art and fashion to follow his dream of creating jewelry. Renowned jewelry artisans bring Roberto Coins fantasy of fine, romantic jewelry to life with immense creativity and great craftsmanship. Roberto Coin has created a range of jewelry collections that celebrate the world of nature, different cultures and multi-ethnical influences. Each Robert Coin piece of jewelry is signed with a signature jewel, a small ruby that represents the message of good wishes that has become a symbol of the brands uniqueness.

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Roberto Coin About Image

Roberto Coin Jewelry

Roberto Coin jewelry pays homage to its authentic Italian legacy with an intricate, distinctive trademark ruby on every piece. Its namesake founder launched the brand in Vicenza in 1996, merging an innate passion for art and style with unrivaled knowledge of the manufacture of handcrafted luxury jewelry.

Having earned an esteemed reputation across the globe, pieces by Roberto Coin transcend boundaries of time and promise perpetual, elegant style. No matter the place, time, or season, classic designs by Roberto Coin never fail to impress.

Whether you have your heart set on a new gold necklace or a vintage designer bracelet, discover the range of timeless Roberto Coin jewelry online with Mayors. We’re happy to help you find the perfect piece in a seamless process, perfectly tailored to your needs.

History of Roberto Coin Jewelry

In its formative years, the foundations of Roberto Coin existed within much smaller artisan Italian jewelers. Roberto Coin’s craftsmanship and knowledge developed over several decades, while he painstakingly produced luxury jewelry for other brands before launching independently in 1996.

Roberto Coin jewelry is produced using raw materials with exclusively traceable, conflict-free origins. This commitment has been at the core of Roberto Coin’s ethos since its beginning, cultivating a uniquely proactive conscience well ahead of its time. The brand is now part of the Responsible Jewellery Council, promoting an ethical focus in the luxury industry.

Roberto Coin therefore only ever casts a synthetic ruby on each bracelet, necklace, and ring. A simple fascination with the myriad legends about what the gemstone represents encouraged Roberto Coin to set one on the inside of every piece, so it was pressed firmly against the skin.

All Roberto Coin jewelry carries a kind, romantic message to its wearer, embodied subtly with each exclusive miniature ruby gemstone. If you’d like to see our handpicked selection of Roberto Coin jewelry for yourself, head to your nearest boutique where our team of experts will be delighted to assist you.

Roberto Coin Jewelry Collections


Exclusive to Mayors, this exquisite new collection is characterized by unbridled opulence and designed to charm, flaunt, and impress. Discover the showpiece Marquesa Collection 18k White Gold 2.9CTW Diamond Ring, an exceptional piece with three rows of beautifully adorned diamonds set within pristine white gold.

Earrings in the Marquesa collection include the stunning 18k White Gold 2.04cttw Diamond Small Swirl pair, crafted with glistening diamonds to mesmerize anyone lucky enough to catch a glimpse. If you’re looking for a new designer bracelet, the Marquesa 3.70cttw Diamond Swirl boasts diamonds of the highest order in a characterful, feminine design.

Venetian Princess Color

You won’t find the Roberto Coin Venetian Princess Color jewelry collection anywhere else. Our exclusive selection includes the finest, most sublime pieces, all bearing the unmistakable floral emblem of Roberto Coin.

The Venetian Princess 0.54cttw Diamond and 0.70cttw Yellow Sapphire Stud Earrings are encased in exceptional 18k yellow gold, perfect for the most refined ladies. This colorful collection also boasts bold, deep blues in the charming 0.50cttw Diamond and 0.74cttw Sapphire Stud Earrings, with an iconic matching necklace pendant for sale online.

Classique Parisienne

Despite Roberto Coin’s rich Italian heritage, this collection pays homage exclusively to the effortlessly stylish aura of French women. The delicate 18k Yellow Gold Classique Parisienne Diamond Necklace encapsulates sensual confidence, gracefully finished with minimalist geometry and a single, secret ruby.

Love in Verona

The central theme of Roberto Coin’s Love in Verona collection is the iconic four-petaled motif. It features in the way opulent diamonds are intricately set on necklaces and earrings or is repeatedly engraved around a gold bracelet.

Make a statement with a pair of Diamond and Rainbow Sapphire Stud Earrings, each elegantly finished with effervescent mother of pearl. If you prefer a more subtle look, however, the feminine Yellow Gold Bangle offers a classy aesthetic.

Caring for your Roberto Coin jewelry

We understand that buying luxury Roberto Coin jewelry could be one of the most important, sentimental investments of a lifetime. With basic maintenance and care, you’ll be able to ensure the longevity you deserve from your Roberto Coin jewelry.

However, we also know that accidents happen, and situations beyond your control could jeopardize or undermine your efforts. That’s why we include complimentary jewelry cleaning and inspection every six months, available at your nearest store and all our US branches.

We’re proud to offer luxury services to protect your new bracelet, earrings, or any other Roberto Coin jewelry against damage. Our team of experts offers specialized jewelry repairs, cleaning, and restoration for your most precious pieces. You can trust us to take the utmost care and restore it to its former glory, even with daily wear and tear, dust, and pollution.

Buying Roberto Coin jewelry with Mayors

If you’re thinking of buying new Roberto Coin jewelry, you deserve to feel confident and informed about your decision. From new bracelets and earrings to the finest diamond necklaces, at Mayors we can help guide you to your perfect piece.

Choose from our online range or the exclusive selection for sale in one of our US boutiques. All online orders come with free delivery included as standard, and we’ll insure your luxury piece from the moment it leaves our facility.

Mayors is a trusted, leading expert in luxury jewelry, with successful and longstanding partnerships with esteemed brands like Roberto Coin. To learn more about what we do and what our luxury services entail, check out the FAQ section on our website. As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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