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Explore Roberto Coin diverse range of exceptional jewelry, all available to purchase at Mayors.

Marquesa Collection


An exquisite new collection exclusive to Mayors, featuring extravagant pieces characterized by unapologetic opulence.

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Roman Barocco Collection

Roman Barocco

Roman Barocco is characterized by a symphony of weavings that are a symbol of harmony snd essence of elegance.

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Byzantine Barocco Collection

Byzantine Barocco

Byzantine Barocco is a representation of a fusion between two ancient empires, unexpected shapes coupled with the geometric complexity of diamond patterns.

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Pois Moi Collection

Pois Moi

Pois Moi family combines contemporary fashion and vintage styling to create jewelry with a divine opulence and charm.

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Princess Flower Collection

Princess Flower

Shaped petals, an infinite variety of hues and varying textures that reflect the majesty and grace of a real flower.

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Coin Symphony Collection


Designed as an ode to the harmonious melodies of music, the woman who wears Symphony stacks bangles and layers according to her style and her mood.

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Roberto Coin - Vision and Mission

Discover the creative world of Roberto Coin.

About Roberto Coin

Founded in 1996, Roberto Coin shares its name with the founder himself, influenced by his love of art and fashion to follow his dream of creating jewelry. Renowned jewelry artisans bring Roberto Coins fantasy of fine, romantic jewelry to life with immense creativity and great craftsmanship. Roberto Coin has created a range of jewelry collections that celebrate the world of nature, different cultures and multi-ethnical influences. Each Robert Coin piece of jewelry is signed with a signature jewel, a small ruby that represents the message of good wishes that has become a symbol of the brands uniqueness.

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