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Confetti by Paul Morelli

Confetti Collection

Celebrating the ever-changing landscape of love, a medley of round-cut diamonds in multiple sizes resembles a cascade of glittering confetti.

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Unity Collection by Paul Morelli

Unity Collection

Ethereal floating stones orbit the precious twine - separate but undeniably together. Meet the Unity Collection, where lives become eternally entwined.

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Explore Paul Morelli's diverse range of exceptional jewelry, all available to purchase at Mayors.

Paul Morelli Meditation Bells

Meditation Bells

Take a mindful moment with Paul Morelli's iconic Meditation Bells. Inspired by ancient temple bells, the charms omit a gentle chime, marking an instance of calm to attract harmony, prosperity, and luck.

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Paul Morelli La Grange

La Grange

Inspired by Joseph-Louis Lagrange, an Italian Enlightenment Era mathematician and astronomer, who developed the mathematical equations used in pave diamond settings as well as the asymmetrical stone settings in this collection.

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Paul Morelli Sequence


Sequentially classic clusters of akoya pearls burst from textured gold to make an elegant statement.

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Paul Morelli Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Form, body and Sleeping Beauty turquoise become one.

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Paul Morelli Wild Child

Wild Child

This is nature as you’ve never experienced it: a spectrum of sapphire petals, 18k yellow gold stems, diamond dewdrops, and clear acrylic skies. Go on, release your inner Wild Child.

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Paul Morelli AM/PM


A collection of iconic pieces as timeless as Anne and Paul Morelli's love.

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