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Explore Marco Bicego's diverse range of exceptional jewelry, all available to purchase at Mayors.

marco bicego Siviglia


Inspired by the cobblestone streets of the magical city of Seville. The collection is characterized by small baroque oval shapes, hand engraved and occasionally embellished with Pavé diamonds.

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marco-bicego Lunaria


Engraved gold leaves and a brush silky finish reflect forms of nature. Striking the perfect balance between weight and volume, the jewelry boasts a comfortable fit and striking appearance with a surprisingly lightweight feel.

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marco-bicego Jaipur Color

Jaipur Color

Inspired by Jaipur, the Pink City in Northern India, this collection combines the most exquisite 18K gold craftsmanship with the radiant beauty of the city’s colored gemstones.

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marco bicego Africa


The 18K yellow gold spheres that characterize this collection are finely engraved by hand using the ancient "Bulino" tool. Colorful gems such as amethyst, peridot, yellow quartz, garnet, tourmaline, blue topaz and freshwater pearls create exquisite shades and combinations.

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marco bicego Masai


Inspired by the art and tradition of the legendary African civilization, MASAI is characterized by an exclusive coil technique that pairs brilliantly with rows of Pavé diamonds.

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marco bicego Paradise


This collection pronounces Marco Bicego's love for the infinite shades of natural gemstones combined with 18 karat yellow gold. Amethyst, tourmaline, quartz and topaz are carefully selected for their intensity of color and purity, interspersed with small hand engraved gold elements

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marco bicego Marrakech


Extremely fine gold strands are wound in a spiral around a core, before being twisted to create the characteristic wave-like movement. The subtle weave reveals a movement reminiscent of the sand dunes of the African desert.

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marco bicego Jaipur Gold

Jaipur Gold

A series of 18K gold circular ring elements, linked together create a three dimensional interplay of irregular shapes. The design forms a new take on the classic chain, reinterpreted in a contemporary way for a timelessly stylish result.

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Marco Bicego BULINO

Marco Bicego Jewelry

Building upon a tradition rooted in history, and in an area where the fine Italian jewelry first came into being, Marco Bicego has coined a unique and unmistakable style: elegant, refined luxury that accompanies women throughout their daily lives. Over the years, the brand has created its distinctive style characterized by vivid color combinations, finely balanced volumes, and unmistakable motifs. Jewelry that celebrates nature with its organic forms and the extraordinary magnificence of colored gemstones.

Marco Bicego jewelry is a distinctly Italian take on the goldsmith tradition, where the skill of master goldsmithing is expressed at its highest level. The 18 karat yellow gold surfaces that distinguish the Marco Bicego brand are exquisitely hand engraved to create brushed, silky finishes or delicately wound in spirals around a gold core to create soft and sinuous coils.

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