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Joel Hyppönen epitomizes a harmonious blend of artistic finesse and business savvy, a trailblazing storyteller navigating the ever-shifting terrain of nature and commerce. Photographed on location in the ice fields of Svalbard, Norway, and the high-tech watchmaking factories of Geneva, Switzerland, Hyppönen wears a Ulysse Nardin watch as daring as he is. A groundbreaking Freak timepiece, an iconic disruptor with unorthodox originality.

Sponsored by Amundsen Sport, Hyppönen’s approach to photography, creative direction, and production always engages with imagination. On the wrist, a watch without traditional hands, crown, or dial like the Ulysse Nardin Freak goes perfectly with Hyppönen's left-handed mind. Armed with insightful questions, this adventurous polymath seeks to articulate life's raw, unfiltered essence and human emotion through his creative lens.

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Ulysse Nardin is the Pioneering Manufacture inspired by the sea and delivering innovative timepieces to free spirits. From its original longing for exploration to the creation of their first marine chronometer, to the now omnipresent nautical inspirations of their contemporary creations, the House has always maintained a fearless relationship with the world at large and its oceans.

Ulysse Nardin


The Freak ONE epitomizes innovation and excellence. The watch is powered by the caliber UN-240 Manufacture, an automatic flying carrousel movement with a 90-hour power reserve, and features a silicon oversized oscillator, hairspring and escapement treated with DIAMonSIL for added precision and durability.


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Ulysse Nardin


The Freak X Rose Gold stands out for its versatility and daily use qualities. Its 43mm 5N Rose Gold and Titanium with black DLC finish case offers an exciting combination of materials, while its sapphire crystal case back showcases the in-house UN-230, self-winding movement. 


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Always poised with perceptive questions and an insatiable curiosity, Joel Hyppönen meets challenges head-on, using his creative perspective to express the unfiltered essence of life and human emotion. Through his mastery of photography, creative direction, and production, he dexterously encapsulates the intricate connection between humanity and nature.

"Capturing the passage of time is about finding the moments that trigger emotion. Taking preconceived notions or ideas and letting them evolve and take on a different form along the way. Being open and adaptive has proven to be the key to the most meaningful narratives."
– Joel Hyppönen

Joel Hyppönen, sponsored by Amundsen Sport, photographed on location in Svalbard, Norway, and Geneva, Switzerland. Production team sponsored by Arcteryx.

Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin FREAK ONE

Since it rewrote high-end watchmaking codes more than two decades ago, the Freak’s iconic form has been defined by three signature characteristics: NO DIAL, NO HANDS, NO CROWN. Movement is king as it rotates to tell the time. The Freak replaces the crown with a time setting system that is integrated into the bezel. Truly unique and eye-catching, the Freak collection from Ulysse Nardin transformed the traditional watch dial by creating striking avant-garde designs that deliver exceptional performance.

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A pioneering storyteller, taking part in various outdoor adventures, Joel Hyppönen skillfully explores the dynamic interplay between nature and commerce, leveraging his expertise in film and digital photography.

"In storytelling, I aim to portray a specific timeframe, whether it’s about a place, a person - or the relationship between the two. Time tends to change all the variables in the mix, forcing creative thinking to capture the essence of subjects. Sometimes, it works well, sometimes it results in failure - but that’s what great stories are made of."
– Joel Hyppönen

Joel Hyppönen, sponsored by Amundsen Sport, photographed on location in Svalbard, Norway, and Geneva, Switzerland. Production team sponsored by Arcteryx.

Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin FREAK X

The Freak is the first watch ever created where the movement rotates to tell the time. At the heart of the watch is the unique oscillator with a large diameter, which powers the flying carrousel rotating around its own axis, a signature of the Freak concept. Boasting an alligator strap with golden “point de bride” stitches, the Freak X Rose Gold is a perfect blend of elegance and functionality. Experience the joy of daily luxury with the Freak X Rose Gold.

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"Experiencing something beautiful or majestic in the wild often comes in fleeting moments - creating a visceral experience that I hope to translate into a visual form. Beyond that, I leave the outcome open as it is a matter of perception to each of us."
– Joel Hyppönen

Joel Hyppönen, sponsored by Amundsen Sport, photographed on location in Svalbard, Norway, and Geneva, Switzerland. Production team sponsored by Arcteryx.

Ulysse Nardin


Ulysse Nardin, founded in 1846 and thriving independently since November 2022, is a trailblazing watchmaker that has etched remarkable chapters in Haute Horlogerie history. Inspired by the nautical world, the brand's pursuit of horological perfection is epitomized through their avant-garde timepieces with high-precision components and movements, produced in-house.

Embark on an odyssey, to push back the limits of time with Ulysse Nardin’s collection of watches that reinvent the rules of the industry time and time again.

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Ulysse Nardin



Embark on an international journey into the lives of our vibrant collectors, where the luxury of time reflects a well-lived life, with our groundbreaking advertising campaign that melds the world of horology with culture, travel, cuisine, fashion, music, and more.

This daring initiative takes you on an immersive expedition, exploring the chronicles of our energetic enthusiasts, where time gets expressed in personal and inspiring ways; a true testament to the intersection of horology and culture, a journey that transcends time itself.

Join us as we venture on this global odyssey discovering the narratives of our pioneering muses, where timepiece brands bring passions to life.

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