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The House Of Royal Asscher

Six generation of Asscher family have cut the worlds most important and historically significant diamonds. This uncompromising dedication to craft and artistry has led to being entrusted to cut the largest diamond in the world for the British Crown Jewels.

The Asscher family continues cutting the most breathtaking and innovative patented diamonds in the world, always going beyond beauty.

Beyond this irresistible calling for craft, the Asscher's are at the forefront of ethics, transparency, and accountability in the diamond trade - because beauty means everything to Royal Asscher, measured in how diamond looks on the finger and its impact on the world.

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Explore Royal Asscher's diverse range of exceptional jewelry, all available to purchase at Mayors.


Our three-stone diamond Trilogy Collection brings the past, present, and future together, creating a ring of timeless beauty. Three gorgeous diamonds side by side, multiplying extraordinary light, it’s perfectly fine to want a Trilogy to simply treble the sparkle in your life!

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The quintessentially classic single stone in Royal Asscher's four signature diamond shapes, our Solitaires are effortlessly stunning masterpieces. A marriage of technique and imagination, each ring expresses love in the ultimate language of romance.

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Our Halo rings blaze with diamond fire to match the passion in your heart. Each halo features small diamonds adorning a central stone, amplifying the drama and dazzle of romance.

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