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TAG Heuer Carrera

TAG Heuer: The Chase for Carrera

Embark on an action-packed pursuit with actor Ryan Gosling to celebrate the Carrera’s 60th anniversary.

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Aquaracer Professional 300 43mm Mens Watch Black The Watches Of Switzerland Group Exclusive

TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 Titanium - Exclusive

The Aquaracer Professional 300 is the ultimate sports watch, pairing reliability in challenging conditions with a timeless aesthetic.

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Explore TAG Heuers diverse range of exceptional gifts, all available to purchase at Mayors.


TAG built this exciting range of luxury watches to be reliable, accurate and stylish - a collection of eclectic and desirable watches.

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TAG Heuer Aquaracer range of watches pays homage to TAG's experience of making ultra reliable and precise time pieces.

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Formula 1

This range of TAG Heuer watches are resilient, accurate and stylish an unbeatable combination in the eyes of any F1 driver.

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The TAG Heuer Monaco watch, famously worn by Steve McQueen, is a timeless addition to anyones watch collection.

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The bracelet of the link watch offers the most comfortable TAG bracelet yet, while being a sophisticated and stylish watch choice.

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The Connected watch combines the refinement and elegance of a chronograph-inspired timepiece, with a state of-the-art, custom-designed digital experience.

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Discover the latest and greatest from TAG Heuer.

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TAG Heuer | TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4

The Calibre E4 collection is breaking through to higher ground with 2 different sizes, 11 watchfaces, ultra-resistant sapphire glass, HD resolution, slimmer ceramic bezels, and a plethora of diverse strap options.

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TAG Heuer Specialist Boutiques

TAG Heuer Specialist Boutiques

We are proud to operate dedicated TAG Heuer boutiques that provide world class services tailored to your needs.

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About TAG Heuer

#DontCrackUnderPressure is far more than a claim - it is a mindset. Closely connected to motor racing, values of daring pioneering spirit and boldness shape the identity of Tag Heuer watches. Its rich heritage is built on pushing boundaries and breaking rules whilst harnessing mental fortitude to overcome technology restraints and create daring watches and chronographs. Breaking watchmaking conventions, and, as a consequence, mastering time with unparalleled precision. TAG Heuer's motor racing DNA, reflects its core values of teamwork, mental strength, courage and ambition.

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TAG Heuer Watches

About TAG Heuer watches

Bold, pioneering, and daring, the identity of TAG Heuer watches can be summed up in four words - #DontCrackUnderPressure. Intrinsically linked to motor racing and the leaders within the sport, TAG Heuer watches are luxury timepieces for those who like to break boundaries.

With a powerful heritage built upon mental fortitude and making possible the impossible, TAG Heuer has become a celebrated watchmaker by skillfully crafting daring timepieces and stunning chronographs for those who aren’t like everybody else.

Teamwork, mental strength, ambition, and courage are the building blocks of TAG Heuer’s luxury timepieces. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that motor racing is an essential part of TAG Heuer’s DNA. With the ability to become a master of time and precision, there’s a reason TAG Heuer watches are among the most popular with elite sports personalities.

Each TAG Heuer watch is expertly crafted and tells its own story of resilience and strength. Browse our handpicked collection online or in-store to find one that matches yours.

History of TAG Heuer watches

TAG stands for Techniques d'Avant-Garde. Referring to the watches' impeccable design, superior movement, and signature style, it was clear that TAG Heuer was a force to be reckoned with from the off.

Established by Edouard Heuer in 1860, TAG Heuer has been making waves across the watchmaking industry since its inception. And built upon a foundation of family leadership and technical innovation, it’s easy to see why these expert timepieces are what they are today.

Accelerated by the need for precise timing in the 20th century following the industrial revolution, TAG Heuer watches became instrumental in transportation, medicine, science, and sport. Throughout the decades, it became clear that when accuracy was needed – you could rely on TAG Heuer. In fact, TAG Heuer was instrumental in air travel, fitting timekeeping instruments on the first airplane models in 1911.

The reputation built by TAG Heuer over the years meant people were hungry for its level of exactitude. In the following decades, TAG Heuer began crafting a series of luxury watches. It was abundantly clear that TAG Heuer was a world leader in horology and master watchmaking.

Why buy a TAG Heuer watch?

TAG Heuer is a disruptive innovator. With a strong history of innovation, monumental horology breakthroughs to its name, and being intrinsic in sport and automobile timing, you’ll be wearing one of the best timepieces money can buy.

If you have an eye for quality and are somewhat of a perfectionist, TAG Heuer watches not only look good but also have an understated refinery that’s hard to match.

Whether you’re an elite sportsman, businessman, or just have a thirst for perfection, at Mayors we have a huge collection of COSC-certified TAG Heuer watches that each tell their own story. Browse our online collection of men's and women’s TAG Heuer luxury watches for sale to find yours today.

Iconic TAG Heuer watch collections

If you’re looking for a timepiece made by perfectionists, you’ll find what you’re looking for with our classic range of Swiss-made luxury TAG Heuer watches.

Bold, daring, and sporty, the Carrera collection holds TAG Heuer luxury watches for men and women. Revisiting some of the most popular timepieces adorned and loved by sports personalities, these watches are simply timeless. Despite the avant-garde design, there is something uniquely subtle about these wristwatches.

For the most precise timekeeping that money can buy, the Aquaracer collection is a perfect fit. Paying homage to the rich history of TAG Heuer, these fine watches take reliability to the next level. You’ll never be late to the boardroom with these stunning performance chronometers.

Understanding the importance of connectivity for busy lives, TAG Heuer is one of the only brands to have developed a luxury digital watch. The Connected collection is the perfect fusion of precision watchmaking and digital prowess. Designed for sport and business, these elegant TAG Heuer watches are intended for the modern man.

Caring for your TAG Heuer watch

Perfectionism is something TAG Heuer strives for. Therefore, taking care of your watch is paramount.

At Mayors, we understand how important it is that your TAG Heuer watch works as well today as it did when you first fell in love with it. So you can continue to revel in the beauty of your new timepiece for decades to come, we’re proud to offer complimentary watch cleaning and luxury inspection services on all our TAG Heuer watches.

But it doesn’t stop there. Even if your watch is in perfect condition, to preserve its value, you should have a luxury service every three to five years.

To restore your TAG Heuer watch to perfect condition, find your nearest US store.

Find your TAG Heuer watch with Mayors

Whether you’re buying your first TAG Heuer watch or simply want to add to your collection of luxury timepieces, Mayors is on hand to help you make that decision.

Our team of associates will understand you and your unique style and find the timepiece that will suit you best. Simply sit back, relax, and let our experts help you discover your next luxury watch.

If life’s demands mean you’d prefer to shop online, you can still access our stellar support and guidance at our Luxury Virtual Boutique.

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