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EditorialThe Modern Bride

Refined, tasteful, and effortless; sleek jewelry for that minimalist look.



Let MAYORS find the perfect ring that you and your loved one will cherish forever.

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Curated For YouStyling Notes

Taking inspiration from celebrity red carpets and fashion runways from around the world, let our styling trends inspire the ultimate expression for your big day.

All Ears


Extraordinary statement earrings for the big day, let hoop earrings highlight your unique point of view.

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Linear Equations


Eclectic combinations of multiple necklaces of all types, mixing weights, lengths, and colors for a layered look that is the moment.

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ExploreBracelets & Bangles

Find the perfect wrist accent with all types of precious bracelets with diamonds, from chains, bangles, wraps, and more.

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Inside InformationWho Will You Be Wearing?

MAYORS represents the finest curation of the world's best jewelry and watch collections. Let us help you explore and introduce you to some of our favorite brands.


In FocusNecklaces

Strands upon strands of various links and lengths to add just the right amount of sparkle to any neckline.

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From simple studs to dramatic drops, MAYORS selection of earrings will provide the ideal accent when the perfect highlight is needed.

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Delicate and jeweled timepieces add maximum and surprising glamour to any wedding day attire.

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From the maid-of-honor to your bridesmaids, let MAYORS find the perfect gifts for the most important friends & family in your life.

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For HimHere Comes The Groom

MAYORS offers an expert selection of fine timepieces, handcrafted jewelry and luxury accessories for men, made of the finest materials found on earth.

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person"

- Mignon McLaughlin

EditorialWhich Bride Are You?

Elegant & traditional, fashion-forward, fairytale romantic, vintage, celebratory & glam, sophisticated, or modern. What's your bridal style?

BridalWedding Day and Beyond

It’s your day to begin new traditions, preserve convention or break all the rules. With MAYORS' expertise, find the perfect finishing touches to create the one-of-a-kind wedding look of your dreams.

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To Catch The Shimmer

Editorial To Catch The Shimmer

Days on the beach and nights on the town, the island of Saint Barthélemy in the French West Indies provides MAYORS the opportunity to present the season's best watches and jewelry against a backdrop of enchanting tropical splendor.

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