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Brevetto Collection

Brevetto Collection

Brevetto is a collection of multisize eternity bands and cuffs that can adjust to any finger size or wrist size, and pendants and earrings that change shape. This proprietary expansion mechanism is 100% 18K gold and does not employ the use of springs.

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serafino collection

Serafino Collection

Serafino, named after the company founder, is a collection of eternity bands that fit any finger size but also expand to become a bracelet. A jewel from the Serafino Collection can be worn as a ring or as a bracelet, depending on the occasion and mood.

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Serafino Consoli

Giving life to movement, all measures and transformations in a single jewel. Serafino Consoli breaks old patterns, goes beyond the traditional mindset of jewelry with its World Invention Patent: multi-size jewels that adapt to every person, context and change.

World of Wonders

Creating means giving shape to something that does not exist: now with Serafino Consoli you will be the protagonist of a jewel, which be shaped on you.

Brand Heritage

A Made in Italy brand that follows the path of distinction giving shape to something that does not exist, leading to the birth of two collections of precious jewels: Brevetto Collection and Serafino Collection, which allow worldwide registered transformations, never seen before in high jewelery. Each jewel changes with its wearer, adapting continuously thanks to its ability to change in terms of size and style.

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