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In Conversation with Andy Torbet, Panerai's Newest Friend of the Brand

Katie Harrell 1 minute read
andy torbet friend of the brand mayors

In our latest episode of Calibre podcast, we introduce Andy Torbet, Panerai’s newest Friend of the Brand and highly experienced Underwater Explorer, Cave Diver, Freediver, Skydiver, Climber and Outdoorsman. Join Andy along with our Global Head of Watch Buying Mark Toulson, as the pair explore Andy’s exhilarating career, his nail-biting stories and of course, his unique partnership with luxury watchmakers Panerai.

You can listen to this podcast below:

Since I spend most of my time exploring underwater locations in extreme conditions, partnering with Panerai came as a natural fit. Panerai is born from the sea and its collections offer unique features both in terms of case robustness, mechanical reliability and dial legibility that every underwater explorer values & needs to survive. However, beyond the watch characteristics, the brand‘s commitment to protect the Oceans from climate change and human activities through a partnership with UNESCO & the creation of eSteel™ was also critical in our decision to partner together. Andy Torbet

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