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Trends within the watch world for 2022 : Colour

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In April of this year, some of the biggest and most iconic luxury watch brands gathered in Geneva to introduce the world to their new novelties, collections and pieces via watch fair Watches and Wonders. Since the unveiling of these pieces we have now seen them start to come in to our showrooms, and we truly believe that there has never been so much variety within the watch world. Particularly when it comes to colour.

Traditionally, the colours most prevalent on a dial or a strap would have been black, white and blue. Over the past few years however we’ve seen a shift into greens, yellows, oranges, and for this year, pink. Coloured timepieces have become something of the norm rather than a novelty, and watch enthusiasts have come to expect brands to push the barriers when it comes to the use of colour.

We have seen the likes of Patek Philippe and Oris releasing models with beautifully elegant salmon pink dials, and OMEGA and IWC have also played with colour in their new releases, albeit in more muted palettes rather than neon shades. Breitling released a pistachio dial, and Cartier amped up their new Santos model, with a blue coated bezel.

We’ve even seen an expansion in terms of coloured precious metals, from red and rose gold timepieces to the revival of yellow gold, making a nice step change from stainless steel. Access to further materials like ceramics and synthetic sapphires has opened up a paintbox of colour opportunity and we predict that brands will work much closer with artists to inject even more life into such a vivid trend. Indeed we’ve already seen this in the likes of partnerships with Bremont and Ronnie Wood, as well as Hublot and tattoo artist Sang Bleu.

Watch our latest video, featuring our Global Head of Watch Buying Mark Toulson, our Senior International Watch Buyer Faye Soteri, and Acting Editor-In-Chief of Wallpaper Magazine Bill Prince. They discuss the trend of colour within the world of horology amongst others we will see over the coming months, and years.

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