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Qlocktwo Clocks

The perfect addition to a modern and elegant home. Qlocktwo Clocks are industrially subversive and create a statement when displayed on your wall. This award-winning timepiece design has been handmade to the highest quality in Germany since 2009, as created by designers Biegert & Funk.

Choose from classic, large or touch formatted designs. These distinctive Qlocktwo Clocks feature a typographic font which illuminates to capture the moment in written word. Each sequence changes every five minutes and documents the time in a unique and quirky way. The exceptional magnetized front covers are bold and definitive and are available in a range of languages, materials, color schemes and finishes including brushed stainless steel, raw iron, rust and vintage copper. With more than 20 languages to choose from, simply adjust your Qlocktwo Clock in a matter of seconds.

View the variety of Qlocktwo Clocks that we have available for sale below and enjoy complimentary shipping when bought online in the U.S.

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