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The Mayors Guide to Buying Jewelry

Brighten up your Life with our Gemstone Guide

Here at Mayors, we have been creating, stocking and selling fine jewelry for over 100 years, and we know a thing or two about gemstones. From sparkling diamonds- our biggest seller- to precious pieces set with mysterious smokey quartz, our definitive gemstone guide will help to guide you towards the purchase of your ideal piece.


Made of pure carbon, diamonds’ natural hardness and clarity mean that they have come to symbolise enduring love: they are therefore a natural choice for engagement rings, and Mayors stocks a comprehensive choice of diamond solitaires in platinum as well as coloured golds, with each piece made by our master craftspeople or by prestigious brands such as Messika.

When it comes to pieces for other occasions, diamonds are the one gemstone guaranteed to go down well. As the birthstone for April, diamond jewellery is especially appropriate for people lucky enough to be born in this month, but of course diamonds are also very widely loved as a symbol of timeless affection and enduring love.

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