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New ArrivalTANK MUST

Taking direct inspiration from the Tank Louis which was first created in 1922, Cartier reintroduces the Tank Must. The Tank Must collection will be made of steel and paved steel creations, new monochrome versions directly inspired from Les Must de Cartier and a new interchangeable metal bracelet.

The Tank watch was first designed in 1917 and took its place as a reference model in watchmaking. The story goes that Louis Cartier himself modelled the design of the Tank watch on the top view of a tank: the brancards evoked the treads and the case represented the cockpit of the vehicle.

A New Design

Whilst staying faithul to the historic model, the new versions introduce a number of design updates including rounded brancards, revisited dial proportions, and steel straps with curved links that have been entirely redesigned to be interchangeable.

Monochromatic Colours

Cartier has also introduced monochromatic versions that pay direct homage to similar monochrome Must de Cartier watches from the 1980s. Faithful to the spirit of the 80s, the new Tank Must watch is available in three limited edition monochromatic colours that are embedded in Cartier's DNA: red, blue and green.

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