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In Conversation With Georges Kern

By Watches of Switzerland Group    |   1 minute read

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At the 2019 Baselworld, our CEO Brian Duffy had the opportunity to be joined by the CEO of Breitling, Georges Kern. Mr Kern became the youngest CEO within the Richemont group at the age of 36 and has continued to propel himself through the upper echelons of the watch industry. He has since joined Breitling and has made his mark within the company through his innovative introduction of 'Squads' (groups of individuals who are recognised and have excelled within their respective fields; surfing, cinema and exploration) and reorganisation of the product collections.

Over the course of this captivating conversation, Mr Kern talks about what it was that attracted him to the watch industry, where he began his career, how at the age of 36, he became the youngest CEO within Richemont and also eventually joined Breitling in 2017. Mr Kern talks through some of this year's new collections, such as the Curtiss Warhawk, the Navitimer 806 Re-issue, and the Airway Limited Editions of the Navitimer. Mr Kern also teases what Breitling has in store for the future.

You can listen to this podcast below:

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