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By Amanda Evans | 3 minute read

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When we imagine love and romance, the colors of red and rose are often prevalent. From the striking, and bold, reds, to electric hues of magenta or any tonal variations in between, their beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Luxury watch brands have also adopted this color palette into their timepieces. Whether it be in the color of the straps, the materials used such as rose gold, or the color of the dial. Used in varying degrees of dominance and executed in several different ways, it broadens their appeal to a wide audience of watch enthusiasts. You may be seeking a gift for a loved one, a watch to reflect your daring outlook on life, a warm and loving personality, or even to add to a collection and complement your wardrobe and style. Sometimes there is no rhyme nor reason – many just fall in love with a timepiece, just because.


A timepiece can look strikingly different depending upon the application of the color and consequently a single shade of red or rose can take on many personalities. Some leather watch straps, for instance, have a textured or grainy appearance and others have no texture at all and a completely smooth or shiny surface. Dials can have a flat appearance such as those made using gilt or lacquer, and a dial with greater depth such as a tapisserie or guilloche dial will present color in an entirely different way again.

Of course, red and rose colors are not exclusive to straps and dials and are also present in the metals used to craft watch cases, bracelets, and more. Generally referred to as rose gold, pink gold, and red gold, their application is often as part of a mixed metal or mixed material timepiece and their tonal variations are dependent upon the mix of gold, copper, and zinc. Only you can determine your personal choice so you may wish to visit one of our showrooms to view the watch in person.

Whilst the month of love is upon us, we celebrate the beauty of color with our buyers highlights of red and rose timepieces, that warm the heart with their beauty and elegance, now and throughout the year.

Discover a timepiece to fall in love with here at Mayors.

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