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Grand Seiko’s Anniversaries To Remember

By Sarah Jayne Potter | 3 minute read


2020 sees Japanese watch brand Grand Seiko celebrate two anniversaries. The brand was founded in Nagano, central Japan back in 1960 with the aim of creating the ‘ideal’ watch – one that delivered precision, durability and beauty. The company’s other aim was to change the perception of Japanese watches by matching the high quality of Swiss models, and before the end of the 1960s it was already winning prizes in the prestigious Geneva Observatory chronometer competitions. The brand’s watches are all created by master craftsmen in Seiko’s two exclusive watchmaking studios and, to this day, are instantly recognisable, thanks to the purity and functionality of their design.

A 60th Anniversary

This year marks the 60th birthday of the Japanese watch brand, and Grand Seiko have released some very special limited edition pieces to commemorate such a momentous occasion with a new quartz movement. The all new Calibre 9F85 has a time difference adjustment function that allows the hand hour to be adjusted without stopping the seconds preserving its high precision particularly when the wearer changes time zones.


The first piece to mark their anniversary is the Grand Seiko Limited Edition Heritage SBGP007. The design is modern and contemporary with a thin bezel that allows for the dial to be wider. The seconds hand is in a vibrant red, giving it a pop of colour and an interesting addition. Again, this watch has the Calibre 9F85 and is specially adjusted to a level of accuracy of plus or minus five seconds a year marked by the five pointed star at the six o’clock position. The case side has a sharp curve to reflect more light, adding to the ‘sparkle of quality’ that Grand Seiko like to ensure their watches possess. This line is limited edition with just 2,500 pieces.


The second piece, the Grand Seiko Limited Edition SBGP015 joins their popular Sport Collection. It is the perfect every day watch, and would be a great accessory for all manner of occasions. It features an iconic blue dial and features a ceramic bezel of the same colour that is durable and impervious to marks and scratches. The markers and hands are coated with LumiBrite, a dramatically improved fluorescent luminous paint that quickly absorbs a greater amount of the light energy exposed to it and therefore glows brighter and much longer in the dark. It also boasts a 20 bar water resistance, a magnetic resistance of 16,000 a/m and a screw-down crown for enhanced security. This line is limited edition with just 2,000 pieces.

The number 60 has a special meaning for a watch. It turns 60 seconds every minute, and 60 minutes every hour. In both cases, 60 marks the beginning of a new cycleGrand Seiko


A 20th Anniversary

Spring Drive, developed by Grand Seiko, is a unique movement that combines the high torque of a mechanical watch with the high precious integrated circuit control system of an electronic watch. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Spring Drive, the brand presents a new design in its Sport Collection. The Grand Seiko Limited Edition Spring Drive SBGA403 is inspired by the Grand Seiko lion; a symbolism of strength and power that became the driving force for the teams’ determination and ambition. The case is angled inwards to ensure a comfortable fit on the wrist, and the lug of the case is designed to look like a lion’s nail. The dial has a pattern that is representative of the mane of the lion and the second hand with the glide motion unique to the Spring Drive. This is certainly a superlative watch, and will be the perfect addition to any Grand Seiko watch collection to commemorate and celebrate their history in horology. This line is limited edition with just 500 pieces.

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