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Tudor Pelagos Watches

For a watch that symbolizes adventure, choose your favorite from our collection of Tudor Pelagos watches. Here, Tudor offers a masterclass in watchmaking, creating a rugged, sporty mechanical divers’ watch that’s waterproof to 500 meters.

As well as its water-resistant credentials, this timepiece is available in black or blue colorways, has a robust titanium bracelet and patented auto-adjustable spring mechanism, making it a sleek choice. You can also opt for the Tudor Pelagos LHD, a piece designed especially for left-handed divers where the winding stem is located on the left side of the case.

Browse the Tudor Pelagos watches for sale online or visit one of our US stores to find the right match for your next adventure.

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Tudor Pelagos Watches

With a rich history of providing cutting-edge timepieces for the likes of the U.S. military and the French Navy, Tudor has decades of experience in creating high-precision aquatic watches that don’t compromise on style. These luxurious timepieces are renowned globally for their innovative design and unwavering durability beneath the depths of the sea.

We are proud to stock the popular Tudor Pelagos collection. Going hand in hand with the brand’s heritage in the diving world, these iconic men’s watches are famed for their incredible water resistance of up to 500 meters. The 42mm display is available with either a black or blue dial – the latter solely on the men's Pelagos FXD design.

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We understand that selecting the perfect Tudor timepiece can be tricky. It’s much more than just a luxury accessory, it’s an investment that can be passed down through many generations to come. If you’d like any further inspiration when browsing online, why not compare different makes and models via our Luxury Virtual Boutique.

Alternatively, if you have any questions about our Tudor Pelagos men’s watches, be it the standard model or the LHD and FXD designs, simply get in touch and one of our friendly horology experts will be glad to assist you.

Want to see our range of Tudor Pelagos watches in person? Visit your nearest U.S. showroom today to find your perfect timepiece.

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