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IWC Portugieser Watches

Invented by the legendary IWC watchmaker Kurt Klaus, IWC Portugieser watches are so smart that they give you the precise day, date, moonphase, and time for the next 480 years – and beyond. The perpetual calendar of the IWC Portugieser watch features bold dials in black, white, and blue, while the striking hour markers combined with an elegant alligator strap create a striking statement piece.

For sale with an automatic and manual movement, IWC Portugieser watch chronographs provide unparalleled timekeeping capabilities. Creating pioneering chronographs since 1868, IWC Portugieser watches have culminated in decades of expertise and meticulous engineering.

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IWC Portugieser Watches for Men

IWC Portugieser watches define everything that a luxury timepiece should be. With newer models reinventing iconic classics, the perpetual calendar of the IWC Portugieser continues a long legacy. Complete with one or two additional chronographs, this timepiece embodies the finest technical indulgence in horology.

With bold dials in striking black, white, and blue, the hour markers add contrast to an enticing color palette, finished with a sublime alligator strap. From our perspective, an IWC Portugieser is everything for which you could look in a professional, signature watch. We are honored to present a unique selection of these watches for sale, exclusively for our US customers.

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With the release of the first IWC Portugieser chronograph, legendary founder Kurt Klaus brought to life his vision for a reliable, all-encompassing timepiece. These intelligent manual or automatic watches provide the precise day, date, time, and even moonphase for centuries to come.

The result? An incredibly accurate timepiece offering unparalleled timekeeping abilities, suitable for professionals traversing the seas, skies, or cities. Men’s watches rarely come more spectacular than the IWC Portugieser chronograph, with its exhibition case back exposing the mesmerizing inner mechanisms.

IWC Portugieser watches are the culmination of decades of expertise in watchmaking and meticulous engineering. If you’d like to find out more about our handpicked online selection, why not call in to your nearest US branch? Otherwise, our Luxury Virtual Boutique could provide efficient answers to your questions.

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