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Explore Platinum Born diverse range of exceptional jewelry, all available to purchase at Mayors.

Platinum Born Celestial Collection


Wear the stars and dominate the universe with Platinum Born's Celestial Collection featuring luminous necklaces and earrings that reflect an ethereal glow.

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Platinum Born Limitless Collection


Inspired by endless possibility, the signature flexible hoop shape of Platinum Born’s Limitless Collection's necklaces and earrings captures the light and sparkles like diamonds. 

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Platinum Born Modern Collection


The future is brilliant. Indulge in style ahead of its time with the clean lines and sleek designs of The Modern Collection by Platinum Born.

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Platinum Born Portrait Collection


The Portrait Collection by Platinum Born features effortless, beautiful pieces that seamlessly pair with everyday life and accentuate her individuality. 

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Platinum Born Prestige Collection


Dazzle day and night in jaw-dropping statements made from the world’s most precious metal platinum with The Prestige Collection by Platinum Born.

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Platinum Born Radiance Collection


Glow wherever you go. Each necklace and earring is carefully crafted with shimmering platinum beads that emanate diamond-like sparkle in The Radiance Collection by Platinum Born.

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About Platinum Born

Using one of the world’s most precious metals, Platinum Born has redefined luxury jewelry for women to bring timeless sophistication and elegance to the wearer. Exceptionally skilled artisans in Japan craft every piece with the utmost care, with hand-woven threads combining to create the most magnificent platinum jewelry.

The diverse range of Platinum Born jewelry for sale at Mayors includes some of the finest ladies’ platinum necklaces and earrings that will put a permanent smile on your loved one’s face.

Inspired by the universe and stars, the Celestial Collection includes chokers, multi-strand platinum necklaces, and drop earrings that capture the ethereal glimmer of the furthest reaches of the great unknown.

For those in need of an evening showstopper, the Prestige Collection includes several statement-making platinum necklaces that are sure to make jaws drop. Never has such a strong metal been made to look so delicate and classy, making it an ideal family heirloom.

Explore our full range of Platinum Born jewelry collections for sale and leave the special lady in your life speechless with something she is sure to adore for a lifetime. Find a payment option that suits you best and benefit from next-day shipping if you order online in the US before 3pm.

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